CEO copyDONG MYUNG, professional company deals with plants, construction, electrics, as partners of companies all over the world.

Since established in 1981, we have enlarged our activity area based on excellent techniques all over the world such as China, Indonesia, Honduras, Elsalvador, Guatemala, Laos, and Vietnam. Thanks to encouragement of customers we have made rapid progress again and again, and we also were born again as Dong Myung Construction by enlarging our organization to environment, architecture, interior based on technical power in plant, construction, electrics.

We are also doing our best to upgrade technique and systematic progress management for satisfying various kinds of customer’s demands.
We never forget that our development is thank to every customer’s  encouragement and love.
We promise to accomplish our duty as a reliable partner for you. And we are also looking forward to your continuous cheer and encouragement.

Thank you.